Cowrium Launches New ICO Website: New Landing Page and User Dasboard...

Cowrium Launches New ICO Website in order to take care of the Web aspect of the Initial Coin Offering for the Next 4 Months. The ICO which is divided into 6 stages has seen the first two month undergo fundraising offline through the Direct Promotion of the Cowrium via Traditional Methods. .

The Next four months is open for all which will include massive online campaign. Every stage will automatically end once the amount expected to be raised is achieved even if the closing date is not reached.

The Landing Page includes information about the Cowrium Project, the token sale, the Road Map or Project Timeline, the Team Behind the Cowrium Project, the partners who are either supporting the Project as well as early adopters who believed in the Project, Media Partners who help get out information to Investors, Blog or News Update on the Cowrium Project, Frequently Asked Questions, Link leading to How to contact the Team, The White Paper and Registration for access to buy Token.

Cowrium LaunchJust as wonderful the new landing page and website is, so also is the User Dashboard which consist of great features. The User Dashboard includes Clean, modern, great looking User Interface, a complete solutions ICO token sales, Security Includes User Verification system and KYC/AML system to Identify users which prevent uncertified user from completing registration or accessing the platform.

Payment Gateway consist of Crypto Payment (BTC, LTC, ETH) which includes Online Crypto Payment via CoinPayment Gateway and Offline Crypto Payment, Bank Payment which Include both Local or International Bank Transfer. A Traditional Online Payment Gateway - PayPal Online Payment Gateway is also Included to give Investors diverse and multiple means of payment in order to prevent being restricted. All these had being implemeted based on Investor's feedback.

While the Tradional Payment System allow the use of USD, GBP, EUR and NGN, the Crypto Payment System Supports BTC, ETH and LTC. The use of Coinpayment on the other hand allow as many Cryptocurrency as possible. The newly built system also give room for automatic updating and change from one stage to another. Multiple Tier base price control as well as Automatic exchange rate update btw different crypto and Fiat Currencies.

The Portal allow for automatic application of the Cowrium Referral Bonus Program which gives 5% Bonus on all direct referals, 3% on first indirect referrals and 2% on second indirect referrals. It also allows for all Bonuses for Airdrops and Bounty Promotions.

Full access to Transaction Details for Investors at any point in time either obtained by Purchase, Referrals or the Different Airdrops and Bounty Promotion Systems.

Another great functionality of the portal allow for Customer Care to become more proactive using both synchronious and asynchronious approach. A Fully responsive Layout and Cross browser compatibility are some other features of the Portal.

With these Cowrium is fully ready for the crowdfunding stage of its' Initial Coin Offering. Register today and take advantage of buying CWRT at an highly discounted rate of 0.02USD. Cowrie will go into the Exchange Market 0.03USD to 0.05USD. That's at more than 300% from the price now. Minimum Investment is USD50 and Buying into a Masternode requires 100,000 CWR on the other hand at this stage is just USD2,000. A masternode is expected to give btw 20% to 40% of Investment Made yearly aside the value appreciation.

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